Astound Commerce

From campaign initiation to £10 million sales opportunities


Astound Commerce is a global digital commerce agency that enjoyed considerable presence in the US, but was little known in Europe. The company approached Babel to help raise brand visibility and drive the sales pipeline for ecommerce and omnichannel strategy work undertaken with its clients – major retailers and brands.


Babel worked with Astound to create a content-driven campaign centered around whitepapers jointly produced with partners such as WorldPay and Ingenico. These provided much needed insight that Babel could interrogate and exploit for a proactive thought leadership programme. Running alongside a highly active effort to seize breaking news opportunities with key target media, the insights served to highlight how Astound had its finger on the pulse of important industry developments and challenges faced by brands in the sector.


Targeted outreach and ownership of key industry themes (including major retail events like Black Friday and the Christmas sales) led to blanket coverage across retail and marketing media. The campaign produced more than 30 pieces of dedicated top-tier coverage in the first few months and the whitepapers were downloaded many thousands of times. The activity helped to secure a leading UK market position for Astound and multiple sales leads, and gave it a springboard into the wider European market and regional sales opportunities.