From best kept secret to security hero


At the time Dashlane approached Babel, the company was active and had a strong presence in the US, France and Germany. However, it wanted to expand its awareness to the UK, a strategic sales market. With no previous relationships with or understanding of the UK media, and a major announcement on the horizon, Babel was tasked with flexing its media black book and credibly establishing the company as quickly as possible.


Dashlane helps consumers live a simpler life online. The application enables users to auto-fill forms in a flash, generate and access strong passwords for digital accounts, and bypass potential hacks and breaches. Babel used this positioning to develop consumer-focused angles for specific UK media targets, using the research announcement as a hook to create a narrative on the importance of consumer security awareness and hygiene.


Seven out of the top ten UK national media titles (based on readership) ran the story, with extensive coverage that included long-form write-ups accompanied by pictures as well as shorter-form editorial. What more could a company with no previous presence in the UK market want from the first week of a new communications programme?