Promoting the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells


The US, Japan, EU and UK are among those to target net-zero emissions by 2050. Reaching this ambitious target will require an increased investment in clean energy technologies to replace fossil fuels. GenCell develops unique hydrogen fuel cell solutions that offer clean power. GenCell came to Babel to raise its profile in the marketplace, and position it as a leading Israeli start-up within the booming hydrogen economy.


Babel developed a thought leadership campaign to position GenCell and CEO Rami Reshef as an expert in helping organisations in target sectors, including telecoms and utilities, realise the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells.

Following the agreement of messaging, issues and relevant customer case studies, Babel employed its storytelling approach to secure media interest. Babel also worked closely with one of GenCell’s investors, TDK, to help tell the company vision and generate media interest with business press.


Within three months of working together, Babel significantly increased the frequency and quality of media coverage for GenCell across multiple global target markets. Briefings were secured with Forbes, The Guardian and Bloomberg.

These briefings, as well as reactive commentary in response to breaking news stories and the distribution of company announcements, resulted in 40 pieces of media coverage, 87% in agreed ‘top tier’ publications. Coverage in Bloomberg and Forbes has helped to position GenCell as a leader in green hydrogen energy solutions.

This initial activity has also helped to build vital relationships with target media, raise awareness of GenCell and position it as a trusted source of commentary on relevant issues.