Mar 28th 2012

Barclays Job Creation Survey 2012

Two thirds of media organisations will create new jobs

The UK media industry is more upbeat than other sectors about job creation with 66 per cent of businesses expecting to generate new employment over the next year, compared to a national average of 58 per cent according to this year’s Barclays Job Creation Survey of 670 executives at UK businesses of all sizes in all sectors.  When asked whether job creation would generate sales, or sales growth would lead to job creation, 68 per cent of media companies said growth would need to come first.

Additionally, 39 per cent of the media sector claimed that they were intending to open positions in senior management. This contrasts sharply with a national average that fell from 32 per cent in 2011 to 21 per cent this year, demonstrating that the media sector is exceeding national growth expectations at the highest levels.  The research also suggests there will be significant opportunities for job creation in entry and mid-level roles with 48 per cent and 83 per cent of survey respondents respectively expecting to create new jobs at these levels.

Commenting on these findings, Lorraine Ruckstuhl, Director, Technology, Media & Telecoms Team at Barclays said: “The media sector is in a period of transition and many companies in the industry are rapidly reinventing and broadening their reach as they add new digital capabilities to their business.  The increase in the number of top level jobs shows just how serious these businesses are, and they are expanding their skill sets as they look to take on the brightest talent in order to fuel their growth.”

Other key findings:

–  39 per cent of media organisations were more confident about job creation this year than they were in 2011, compared to a national average of 21 per cent.

–  Just 3 per cent of media organisations were positive about Government efforts to remove job creation barriers, compared to a national average of 10 per cent.

– Just 23 per cent of media organisations felt that ex-public sector employees are well-equipped to work in the sector compared to an average of 34 per cent across other sectors.