"Stop presenting the world as a raging inferno of howlingly insecure threats to everyone, that only your business can solve."

Cybersecurity, by its nature, deals with the remediation of the nasty side of our digital lives and businesses. However, if you pick up any newspaper or publication reporting on the sector, you’ll find the tone of the commentary is often based on fear and scaremongering. This approach of fear, uncertainty and doubt (or FUD, as it’s affectionately called) is starting to wear thin, and doesn’t paint a realistic picture of the things (if anything) that should be keeping businesses and citizens up at night.

We wanted to get to the heart of what is driving fear, uncertainty and doubt in the cybersecurity media landscape. Why has this become the default mode for narratives that both journalists report on and many vendors want to convey? Is there something more impactful and constructive that security vendors can be offering to journalists in terms of stories? What do journalists actually want to hear? And what do their readers care about?

To answer these questions, we spoke to a selection of experts in the cybersecurity industry and the media prolific in this sector. Our aim? To demystify FUD and provide businesses working in cybersecurity with constructive feedback– straight from the horse’s mouth – on how to cut through a media landscape that has been stirring the ‘FUD pot’ for some time.

In the pages that follow, you’ll hear the thoughts and opinions of communications experts who have built their careers on providing impactful, meaningful and relevant cybersecurity stories to journalists. You’ll also hear from a selection of top tier security and technology publications which are on the receiving end of a barrage of pitches competing for column inches – what makes a good story? And what sort of pitch goes straight in the virtual bin?

To the reader – we hope you find the report useful in helping you to create more structure, relevance and punch in your current communications campaigns, without resorting to FUD. And thank you to all those who provided input into this report; your time and insights are hugely appreciated.

If you have any further thoughts or insights to share on this topic upon reading this report, please do get it touch. We’d love to hear them!

Jenny Mowat, Managing Director, Babel

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