Aug 17th 2022

The return of Babel’s infamous roof party: music, mojitos and media relations

After years of experiencing our lives via  Zoom thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we are finally starting to return to normality  – and I think it is fair to say that everyone is embracing the return of in-person events. In the B2B tech world, this kicked off with the return of the largest telecoms event of the year,  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While some of our team got to set off to sunny Barcelona to take part in the event, it definitely gave the rest of us an itch to take part in some real-life networking.  That’s why, after a three-year-long hiatus, the Babel team decided that the infamous ‘UpOnTheRoof’ party was long overdue a comeback and we got to work planning what turned out to be (arguably) the best roof party yet. 

But what is the ‘UpOnTheRoof’ party? In honour of the sunny weather that has made its way back to the UK – Babel threw a party up on our roof terrace and invited clients, journalists, and friends and family of Babel. These parties are always an excellent opportunity to catch up with a wide variety of people who we may not have seen for a while – and are also a great excuse for a cocktail! 

This year, it was great to welcome so many journalists and clients to the Babel roof terrace – and it was even better to hear that they enjoyed themselves. However, these parties always remind us of how competitive the team are at Babel… luckily, despite a fair few heated games of foosball, we managed to avoid a noise complaint (this year). 

In true British fashion, we also contended with being rained on as we began to feel a few drops fall, but the team immediately rushed to find a canopy – in PR, rapid response is key. Despite attempting to put it up upside down the first time, the team eventually managed to put it up and we enjoyed even more canopies under the canopy! Competitiveness and canopies aside, everyone had a lovely evening and we are looking forward to hosting another event in the future.


Maintaining media relations…

But I’m not writing this simply to reminisce about good times and fine wines (although, clearly, I am enjoying it), but somewhere amongst the festivities is a lesson about PR. 

Here at Babel, we pride ourselves on our excellent media relations, and over the years we have developed some great relationships with the journalists that matter to our clients. Babel’s ‘UpOnTheRoof’ party has always been a great way of fostering and maintaining these all-important relationships, and this year was no exception. It has been invaluable to have the opportunity to catch up with journalists outside of a typical work setting and make some really meaningful connections. This is especially important in the post-pandemic media environment where phone calls and lunches are not as frequent, and emails have become the preferred way of contact for many journalists. As PR professionals, it is crucial that we rekindle the relationships that we formed with journalists pre-pandemic to ensure that they can thrive in this “new” (or old) world of media relations.

If you would like to hear more about how the Babel team can utilise our media relations expertise to help your business, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Lauren O'Harrow
Lauren O'Harrow