The B2B Tech Comms Barometer

The role of comms in getting noticed

Despite uncertain economic times ahead, the global tech industry has shown strong resilience and continues to grow. Technology vendors looking to be part of this have to compete in a crowded market, s trying to stand out from competitors while balancing increasingly precious budgets is a challenge.

At the same time, there is almost too much information for tech buyers to consider when making decisions – whether it be marketing material, media coverage, industry awards or a whole host of others. Ensuring the right messages break through in the right places, is vitally important for technology companies. 

In our latest whitepaper “The B2B Tech Comms Barometer” we surveyed IT decision-makers from enterprises across telecoms, cybersecurity, fintech, adtech and other industries. It shows the many spheres of influence for purchase decisions, and what media matters most to B2B tech buyers. Alongside the data, we break down what it means for marketing and PR strategies and what tactics are best used to sway decision-makers across the technology industry.

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