Tier-one visibility in multiple markets


Telecoms software and services provider Amdocs wanted to demonstrate its understanding of the network, IT and business challenges that communications services providers (CSPs) face in order to roll out 5G. Crucially, it wanted to be positioned as a thought leader on the new communications standard.


Babel worked with Amdocs to commission market research exploring the role of 5G in the future of sports. The research – in partnership with Ovum – aimed to understand how CSPs around the globe are evolving their networks with a specific focus on 2020 sporting events, such as the Olympics and Euros. Babel developed bespoke press releases from the research data to drive media outreach with targeted national, business and trade media.


The Amdocs research unveiled one of the first major use cases for 5G – connecting major sports events. This led to breakthrough coverage in vertical media, blanket visibility across key business, trade and industry press, including The Telegraph, The Times (Raconteur), Mail Online, Forbes, Mail Online, TalkSport, Tech Radar and TVBEurope. Amdocs visibility and exposure increased dramaticallyin the lead-up to MWCBarcelona. Following the campaign, Amdocs conducted a customer perception survey, and views of the company had shifted towards it being more closely associated with 5G, media and entertainment, which was attributed to this campaign.