Effective Space

Lift off coverage in the FT and BBC


Effective Space had secured its first contract and wanted to shout about it in the international business and specialist space media, but without mentioning the company in question. Deploying a fleet of small SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft (which in phase one will provide life-extension services to satellite operators in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit), would take some explaining, but knowing its newsworthiness, we didn’t shy away from the challenge.


We took a sideways look at the challenge. Instead of focusing solely on the contract, we instead highlighted how the UK would benefit from Effective Space taking a lead role in a sector predicted to generate billions, and expected to form a key pillar of the UK’s growth strategy.


An exclusive story in the FT with a detailed briefing prior to the announcement, resulting in page two coverage – accompanied by a colourful image showing the SPACE DRONE™ docking with a host satellite. The FT piece was followed by a similar article with the BBC, and articles in global space media titles as a result of carefully managed briefings across multiple time zones. Effective Space was quickly established as a leader in the sector, receiving inbound enquiries from the likes of Wired, BBC Radio and The Economist.