Babel webinar: Are we all suffering from data fatigue in tech PR and marketing?

Hosted by Simon Coughlin,
Director, Babel 

Simon is a B2B technology comms expert with more than 16 years experience in the PR industry and a key member of the Babel management team.

Babel webinar

Held on 17 October 2023

The importance of data is nothing new – it is 17 years since British mathematician Clive Humby famously said that “Data is the new oil.” Since then ‘big data’, when processed and analysed correctly, has grown in value and become the bedrock of success for businesses across multiple sectors.

Data also continues to hold massive value in the eyes of journalists, who rely on it to form the basis of evidence-backed articles. However, with journalists receiving data-heavy reports and press releases on a daily basis, how do tech brands ensure they select the ‘right’ data to gain traction with the media and their target audiences?

Topics under discussion included:

  • What makes ‘good’ – and ‘bad’ – data from a journalist’s perspective;
  • How brands can find and use data to support their message;
  • How marketers can maximise their investment in sourcing data to help their sales teams drive leads;
  • The role of research agencies in helping tech firms to find the third party data they need.

Martin Stabe
Data editor, Financial Times

Martin leads a group within the Financial Times’ Visual & Data Journalism team that focuses on computational and data journalism projects, particularly those that involve automation or applications of artificial intelligence.


David Taylor, Chief Communications and ESG Officer, Paragon

David leads comms for Paragon, a technology-driven provider of transformational business services. He is passionate about the importance of using data to tell stories and create compelling content.


Lucy Stewart, Head of Client Services, Censuswide

Lucy has extensive experience of working with tech firms to capture thoughts and opinions from a vast number of audience groups.

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