Women in Technology

Babel webinar

Assessing the tech industry’s efforts to empower women

Held on Wednesday 8th March 2023, 1400 GMT

The technology industry has taken some steps to empower women in the sector over recent years, with big tech companies starting to report on female representation in their businesses and pay more attention to the issue. But is the industry as a whole doing enough to increase the representation of women in the industry and encourage them to pursue a career in technology?

To mark International Women’s Day, Babel hosted a webinar to assess the technology industry’s efforts to attract and retain women. The webinar was hosted by our Senior Campaign Manager Holly Abbott, who wrote her dissertation on conscious and unconsciously gendered spaces, and is passionate about ensuring that women in tech are fairly represented.

Holly Abbott

The webinar explored:

  • Our panellists’ journeys into the world of technology and the tips they would give to women that are looking to get into the technology sector.
  • Why the technology sector has a reputation for being male-dominated and whether it is better or worse than other industries in this respect.
  • What we can do to encourage more women to join the sector.
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