Cyber 2023

Resilience, Reliance and Rising Threats

2022 was another year in which issues relating to cybersecurity dominated the global news. Enterprises faced a number of new threats from cyber criminals, nation-state actors and insiders, forcing them to constantly reassess and reinforce their defences. 2023 will be no different – just months into the new year and we have a growing list of high-profile incidents that have dominated the headlines and shaken businesses and critical infrastructure to the core. 

To examine the current threat landscape and look at the financial pressures facing business leaders and how they may impact their security strategies in 2023, we gathered an expert panel together in a virtual event. I was joined by two authorities in the field of cybersecurity, Ciaran Martin, CB and Katrina Manson, to explore these topics and get their viewpoints on where the cyber industry is headed.

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