Navigating the Fintech Landscape

Influencing the Influencers

Before we’ve even reached the halfway mark, 2023 has already shown itself to be a turbulent year for the fintech sector. The race for innovation, along with rising interest rates, inflation, and continuous shifts in regulation has kept everybody on their toes, making it a volatile stage to play on. On top of that, the focus of investors has seemingly shifted away from growth at all costs towards a clear path to profitability.  The result? A couple of resounding crises. The crypto crash, FTX collapse, and the more recent failure of the Silicon Valley Bank are not just clear examples of play gone wrong, but are warning signs to those in the game at just how quickly the rules can shift.

To examine how fintech businesses can build and protect their reputation and drive brand awareness in the current landscape, we gathered in a virtual event a panel of expert voices from across the industry: journalists, analysts and investors. We welcomed Ellie Duncan, Nick Maynard and Michael Fanfant to explore the most effective tactics for successful fintech communications, as well as what tools are needed to build visibility, insights and access to capital. This report summarises the discussion, supporting sources and key takeaways.


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