Drive Software Solutions

New website paves road to success


DRIVE Software Solutions had a great product – ODO, a cloud-delivered fleet management solution – but its messaging was confused, its websites were outdated and it was falling behind the competition.

Following changes in management, the company was seeking new investors and needed to communicate a strong, forward-looking narrative. This new story needed to be representative of the its new owners, appeal to investors, attract new customers and still highlight both its heritage and technical expertise in the market.

Babel was given less than six weeks to achieve this, reporting into (and needing to appeal to the demands of) a several-strong senior team.


We kicked off with messaging calls with each member of the senior leadership team at DRIVE, as well as having in-depth demo of the product. We then created a framework for the new site, consolidating two legacy domains into one. The narrative was built around the idea of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), with messaging carefully delineated into strands to appeal to different target markets.

This was also reflected in the website design, creating an easily-navigable site. A small number of existing assets – including customer stories and graphics – were seamlessly incorporated into the new design, however, the majority of the content was drafted from scratch.



DRIVE now benefits from a fresh, streamlined website – delivered within a very short timeframe – which appeals directly to each segment of its broad target audience. The individual needs of these segments are directly addressed, with tangible solutions to their specific problems communicated clearly.

Rather than focussing solely on technology and products, the new website narrative focuses on the business and user benefits of MaaS, and helps to position DRIVE as a thought leader as well as tech innovator.


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