Who’s Talking About Cybersecurity

Bad news sells, and in the world of cyber security there’s no shortage of dramatic data crises to keep the media world in thrall. But the cyber security space is about so much more than disastrous click-bait headlines.

At Babel we focus on identifying the right media titles, those most likely to love hearing what our clients have to say. Underpinning what we do best are the media relationships we have carefully nurtured over almost two decades, and our secret weapon…RUMA.
RUMA is a proprietary software platform developed in-house by the Babel team. It allows us to simultaneously interrogate Google News results, and/or Google organic search results, meaning we can accurately pin-point which publications are attracted to which stories, and tailor our approach to match.

Exploring the capabilities of RUMA, and placing it on show for the first time, this whitepaper explores exactly who is talking about cyber security, where and how much.

Ed Cooper, Babel Associate Director, discusses the whitepaper and the issues affecting the cyber security market, with the BBC and Infosecurity Magazine

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