Pioneering homomorphic encryption


How do you launch a company, with a complex technology to the media during a global pandemic when face to face meetings are out of the question? Enveil is a pioneer of homomorphic encryption. It’s a little understood technology and the primary audience is not security, but financial services. We needed to create a compelling story around one of the key solutions and find a way to reach tier one financial media.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the financial fortunes of organisations in multiple sectors across the globe. Many will be exploring the value of their existing data. ‘Data monetisation’ has become an integral part of the strategy of high performing companies, helping them to spur the creation of entirely new products and business lines.

To capitalise on the growing interest in this topic, Babel created a panel discussion outline. We undertook careful research on the influencers who were also speaking about the topic and secured a top tier panel to dive into the subject. Finally we tied it all in to our successful virtual event formula. Aiming to educate four tier one media with the indepth discussion. As we would for an in-person event, we also sent out some small food hampers for the media to enjoy while participating in the event.


More than double the target media from the UK and US attended the event, including the FT, The FinTech Times and FintechFutures. There was engagement throughout the event with Q&A’s.

Although not intended to be news driving, the round table secured immediate coverage, but importantly has also secured ongoing coverage on the themes of data monetisation. Enveil has secured its position as the leading voice in the space.