A touch of gloating

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Here at Babel we probably don’t sing our own praises enough and that’s probably because we see our job as singing the praises of our clients. This time I’m going to make an exception. I’ve just returned from The Drum’s Independent Agency Census breakfast event at which the great and the good of the independent agency world were gathered to see if they had won a gong.

We don’t enter a lot of awards but we made an exception in this case because The Drum has quite a methodical approach. They look at key financial measures, client satisfaction and peer review. It’s a very rounded view that doesn’t rely on making an assessment of a single campaign or a single individual and it highlights what is important for clients – they need to be confident that the agency they select has consistently performed and has been well rated by its clients and by its peers.

I’m very proud to say that Babel scored well in all categories and that culminated in second place in the Elite rankings for agencies of up to 25 staff. The Elite rankings, as The Drum says are “the cream of the crop” and “have performed best across all three categories”. We were also the only PR agency in the top 10.

Many thanks to our clients and our peers who provided feedback for the census.

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