Anite enables Fleet Managers to remotely improve drive test reliability and accuracy

Oulu, Finland – 15 April, 2015 – Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, today announced that a unique drive test Route Planner feature is available in its Nemo Commander. The solution enables office-based Fleet Managers to remotely control numerous field measurement units and create predefined measurement routes for even more reliable and focused drive tests.

Nemo Commander Route Planner is a cost-saving solution for remote planning of drive test routes. The route is created remotely in Nemo Commander and detailed test route instructions are sent to a navigation device inside the test vehicle. This eliminates manual route planning and ensures that the route is driven exactly as planned, saving both time and money and increasing measurement accuracy.

The new Route Planner feature enhances the comparability of benchmarking test results as it enables the drive test to take place exactly on the measurement points inserted in the route. Fleet Managers will receive accurate measurement results from the same locations repeatedly as the route created with the Route Planner feature can be saved in the Nemo Commander database and sent easily via email to all vehicles performing the drive test.

“Designing repeatable route plans and conveying the correct driving directions to the test vehicles are vital when verifying network parameter changes and performing consecutive comparable benchmarking drives” says Jyri Tuomivaara, Senior Product Manager at Anite’s Network Testing business. He continues, “The new Route Planner feature in Nemo Commander offers a tool for managing all of this remotely. Measurement projects stay on schedule and avoiding inaccurate or faulty drive tests reduces additional costs.”

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