Anite leads the way in LTE-Advanced with eICIC testing capability

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 06 August, 2013Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, today announced that it is first to release a flexible and comprehensive eICIC (enhanced Inter Cell Interference Coordination) enriched LTE-Advanced device testing solution, based on its Development Toolset. Verified through close collaboration with a leading Asian device manufacturer, this cutting-edge capability also allows other users to confidently accelerate their LTE-A device testing programmes.

 The explosive data traffic growth witnessed by LTE mobile operators across the globe is leading to the roll out of heterogeneous networks where a combination of macro, pico and small cells are deployed to maximise coverage and capacity. Interference at cell edge boundaries is intensified when low power small cells are added to macro cells in the same channel. As a key feature of LTE-A, eICIC enables mobile operators to control this interference, ensuring that devices work optimally on the cell edge boundaries. 

Anite’s Development Toolset, used to verify the eICIC feature, provides customers with a unique level of flexibility and control to quickly validate complex scenarios in a test environment that very much resembles a live network. With this level of simulation capability, users can rigorously test LTE-Advanced devices in a controllable and repeatable way across all configurations and use cases, resulting in significant time and cost savings, both at the time of launch and over the lifetime of the device.

“Working in close collaboration with leading chipset and device manufacturers has allowed us to achieve significant advances within LTE-Advanced and develop support for key features such as eICIC and Carrier Aggregation”, says Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite. He continues, “The availability of eICIC underlines Anite’s continued leadership in cutting-edge technologies, enabling our customers to deliver an enhanced customer experience with the expected high data rates.” 


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