ARCA Telecom selects Anite’s Nemo Invex II for benchmarking Spanish Tier 1 operators

Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, today announced that its Nemo Invex II enterprise-level benchmarking solution has been chosen by Arca Telecom for benchmarking Spanish Tier 1 wireless operator networks. Arca Telecom provides network deployment and management services to the main telecom operators in Spain.

Nemo Invex II is a mobile benchmarking, measurement and optimization system combining powerful intuitive software and scalable hardware designed to create a superior benchmarking solution for wireless broadband networks. The solution will be used by Arca Telecom to compare the performance of voice and data services between the different Spanish mobile networks.

“The Nemo Invex II platform demonstrates both outstanding performance and unparalleled stability compared with industry standards,” says Luis Sanchez, CEO of Arca Telecom and continues, “This enables Arca Telecom to deliver our benchmarking projects in a timely manner. Furthermore, the platform already supports the upcoming LTE milestones, such as carrier aggregation and Voice over LTE.”

“We are delighted to contribute to Arca Telecom’s success,” says Bruno Poisson, Regional Director at Anite’s Network Testing Business. “The product offers Arca Telecom the tools to benchmark the latest wireless technologies effectively. Nemo Invex II’s superiority stems from years of benchmarking experience. The platform brings our customers an unrivaled mix of high performance, flexibility and stability. Nemo Invex II supports a variety of social media applications enabling operators and service providers to benchmark the services consumers really use on mobile networks,” he adds.

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