Babel PR’s guide to Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is little more than a week away and it’s an event that industry veterans love and hate in equal measure. It’s the big occasion, a chance to show your stuff, make some contacts, do some deals, catch up with old friends and perhaps do a little socialising but it’s also very hard work.

As a mobile sector specialist, Babel PR will be there in force again this year and we thought we’d provide our (only slightly tongue in cheek) top ten things to pack to help you survive:

 1. Shoes – yes, we know you’ll bring some but remember that those Paul Smith brogues or red-soled Louboutins may still look sharp after eight hours on your feet but you might not feel it. Think comfort rather than fashion.

2. Spare phone battery – The battery in your top of the range smartphone IS going to run dry. The GSMA helpfully provided charge points last year but you have to find a space and leave your phone. Bring a supplementary battery if you can.

3. Scooter – it’s a heck of a long way between hall 1 and hall 8 and so if you think you’ll be travelling back and forth (as we will) these might be useful.

4. Small cattle prod – there will be some very interesting presentations and discussions but not everyone is a great orator. A quick burst of electricity can enliven a dull speaker very effectively.

5. Lasso – there will be times when you just can’t get someone’s attention. The Babel team have been known to deploy one of these to rope in a wayward journalist (unorthodox but effective).

6. Hair dryer and straighteners – the ladies on the Babel team insisted I include these but as someone who is increasingly follicly challenged, I fail to see the relevance.

7. Restaurant list – Spain’s great culinary heritage is not on show at the Fira Gran Via so if you want something special (or even edible) bring a list of recommended eateries and book early.

8. Street savvy – Barcelona is a fabulous and welcoming city but like all cities, it has its low life element. Try not to display your MWC pass and your collection or Euros / smartphones / tablets / laptops when you leave the Fira or you risk having them liberated.

9. Hangover pack – Of course the Babel team are entirely tea total but we recognise that some people like to participate in a little Après-MWC activity. I’m reliably informed that the following items are essential: Nurofen, Berroca and mints (for those important morning meetings).

10. Sense of humour – if you bring nothing else, bring this, you’re going to need it.

And now for the shameless plug. If you’d like to discuss your PR support requirements, please let me know. Have a great MWC!

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