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Beating the January Blues – Coverage Highlights

It may have been a tougher January than usual for the world, but the team at Babel has been delivering some cracking work in spite of that. Here are just a few of the highlights from a brilliant month of coverage across our campaigns.

Thinking creatively is what we do. For digital experience company Acquia we wanted to build a story around the skills gap in the UK. We issued a freedom of information request to UK government ministries to show the scale of the developer shortage in the public sector. This got some great traction in the media, including this piece in ITPro.

Having spent a long time developing innovative new products with a steering group of leading legal teams, LawAdvisor wanted to use its high profile pilot users to launch these solutions to the wider market, leveraging their credibility and making a big splash to drive new customer acquisition. Babel worked against significant news headwinds to secure a briefing and top tier business coverage. This, in combination with targeting legal trade, delivered an impactful product launch including this hit in Reuters.

The Varnish Software team at Babel have been introducing the company to the telecoms trade media as part of a campaign to position the company as a key player in 5G content delivery. In this piece in Telecoms.com, CEO Lars Larsson shares his thoughts on virtual CDNs, the first time Varnish has featured in this tier one publication.

It has been busy on the Acquia campaign this month. Founder Dries Buytaert celebrated 20 years since he developed open source web content management framework, Drupal and we stepped in to share his story. The Register was just one of the outlets to write up a great piece on the subject.

There were more great issues response opportunities at the start of 2021. For OrangeCyberDefense the team secured fantastic tier one coverage on the Sepa data leaks, including this piece in ComputerWeekly.

For client Enveil we cover both UK and US media, and on data privacy day our comment from CEO, Ellison Anne Williams, was featured in leading title CISO Magazine.

Great work from all the teams involved. We’re already looking forward to securing more stellar coverage for our clients next year. If you would like to hear more about any of the above, or what we can deliver for you, please do get in touch.

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