BICS and PGi Launch VoLTE High Definition Audio Conferencing Proof of Concept

Together with BICS, PGi’s Mobile Collaboration Exchange Offers HD Audio Conferencing on Any Mobile Device, from Anywhere in the World

ATLANTA, February 22, 2017 – Today PGi, the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services, and BICS, a leading international communications enabler, announced that they have conducted their first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) High Definition (HD) audio conference call.

The VoLTE conference call was powered by PGi’s mobile collaboration exchange which connects an operator’s IMS based VoLTE service to PGi’s cloud-enabled IP conferencing infrastructure and enables mobile operators to host crystal-clear, HD conference calls. BICS’ IPX VoLTE Hub has been instrumental in bridging the HD VoLTE calls originating from the mobile operator’s network to PGi’s mobile collaboration exchange.

With more than one in three operators investing in LTE-advanced system deployments and one in three conference call attendees using a mobile phone, the mobile collaboration exchange allows mobile operators to seamlessly deliver low-bandwidth, high-quality audio conference calls over an LTE network.

BICS’ IPX VoLTE Hub is enabling international VoLTE calls providing enhanced quality of experience to end-users and assisting mobile operators to realize the All IP migration. IPX VoLTE Hub is empowered with the best in class protocol normalisation and media transcoding capabilities, which are vital in maintaining the E2E HD sound quality of VoLTE voice calls.

Jorn Vercamert, VP Communication Solutions at BICS commented: “More and more enterprises are moving their communication services to the cloud. BICS has visualized the importance of mobility and cloud virtual numbers so as to equip workers with the tools that provide flexibility and collaboration on the go. This is particularly important for knowledge workers that travel frequently or work remotely, rather than being chained to their desks. By partnering with PGi, BICS has facilitated a higher-quality, faster and more reliable calling experience, which is crucial in today’s competitive and fast-moving business landscape. Businesses can build value-added services and improve customer satisfaction, trusting the connectivity and interoperability services provided by international communication providers like BICS”.

Pat Harper, CTO of PGi stated, “PGi is proud of its legacy as a cloud innovator and is thrilled to work with carriers to continue to grow our offerings with our mobile collaboration exchange. While we know and understand that business is conducted on a global scale, we also know that mobile networks are not always compatible globally. Together with BICS, our mobile-first, cloud collaboration approach is standardizing the way that mobile operators can connect to PGi’s audio conferencing capabilities and offer a better experience for their enterprise and end-users alike. PGi is utilizing BICS’ secure global network infrastructure and its advanced capabilities to offer a superior audio conferencing experience”.

Divya Ghai Wakankar, Head of Innovation and VoLTE Product Management at BICS stated, “At BICS, we have a track record of innovative solutions that enhance the end-user experience. With the BICS IPX VoLTE solution and our Cloud numbers offering we are excited to provide best-in-class support to the business voice customers. Together, BICS and PGi have spawned a new beginning of HD business voice experience for the global workforce”.

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