BICS launches dynamic IP over Satellite solution to revolutionise coverage provision in Africa

Brussels – Belgium, September 3, 2015 – BICS, a global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services, today launched RouteFlex, an automated business continuity and optimisation solution that has been developed to address the need for enhanced connectivity in Africa. The satellite solution enables operators to manage QoE and secure an optimal traffic balance.

RouteFlex provides an intelligent and cost-efficient IP over Satellite (IPoSAT) back-up solution, supported by an SDN (Software Defined Network) which enables operators to handle high volumes of IP data across satellite by applying end-to-end differential treatment to different types of aggregated data flows during peaks or outages. For example, when primary infrastructure – land or submarine cables – is compromised or faces an outage, BICS’ satellite back-up solution prioritises high value traffic, increasing bandwidth efficiency by blocking less critical, high bandwidth services such as online gaming and video streaming.

In non-critical situations, RouteFlex has the ability to enhance coverage through dynamic switching between fibre and satellite facilities. This ensures the provision of high quality services when the network requires balancing. Optimisation can also be performed across whole regions, with large operator groups able to move capacity between its neighbouring markets.

As a value added service, RouteFlex secures service continuity for telecom operators while simultaneously reducing costs. The service runs on top of existing infrastructure, reduces planning efforts, operational and maintenance costs, and needs no major additional investments.

The development of RouteFlex follows the launch of BICS’ SatFlex and MultiFlex services last year, which guarantee end-to-end link quality and efficiency using BICS’ Europe-based state-of-the-art teleport satellite and fibre infrastructure. Capacity is available from both stable and inclined orbit satellites, offering data speeds of hundreds of Mbps in each direction.

Flexible satellite services perfectly complement BICS’ range of capacity services for the region including land fibre and submarine facilities. By offering the full connectivity suite, BICS can provide faster issue resolution during outages for all mission critical international telecommunications services.

“RouteFlex will revolutionise the way operators are able to provide services to customers when faced with damaged land or submarine cables,” said Eric Loos, Senior Product Manager Capacity and IP, BICS. “Previously, the provision of satellite back-up in these situations was limited in its scope and expensive to administer, however, by offering the ability to instantly prioritise traffic, operators are able to ensure continuity of service while keeping costs to a minimum.”

Clémentine Fournier, Regional Vice President Africa, BICS said: “BICS is committed to developing innovative solutions to nourish the growing demand for data connectivity in Africa. The expansion of the BICS satellite portfolio will further enhance operators’ abilities to deliver outstanding service levels for end users, further boosting the growth of this exciting market.”


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