Jan 10th 2012


Future Product Offerings and Service and Support Most Critical Criteria for Choosing Supplier

Morrisville, NC (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)

Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC), the mobile broadband solutions company, tops the list of policy server vendors for the third year in a row, according to Infonetics Research’s annual global service provider survey. Tekelec leads the list of companies named as a top policy vendor with 50 percent more respondents than the second-place company.

The Infonetics report, “Policy Management Deployment Strategies and Vendor Leadership: Global Service Provider Survey,” found that 83 percent of service providers most value a supplier’s future product offerings and its service and support organization when selecting a policy management supplier. When comparing products, 83 percent of respondents said the most critical criteria are reliability, standards compliance and performance scalability across complex use cases and session/subscriber growth.

More than 50 service providers, including Verizon Wireless for its 4G LTE network and multiple Vodafone and Telefónica operators, are deploying Tekelec’s Policy Server (PCRF) to deliver innovative services such as Verizon Wireless’ turbo button, voice and video over LTE, shared data plans, day passes, and parental controls. Tekelec’s industry-leading Policy Server is live in Tier 1 networks, providing processing power of up to 60 million concurrent sessions per system. Its capacity yields up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) per blade and up to 100,000 TPS per system.

“Service providers ranked Tekelec high in technology and product roadmap, reflecting the company’s continued investment in its policy management assets,” said Shira Levine, directing analyst, next gen OSS and policy at Infonetics Research. “Tekelec continues to gain traction with mobile operators across its control plane solutions of policy management, subscriber data management and Diameter signaling. This portfolio gives the company several avenues to help operators manage and monetize the growth of mobile data traffic.”