Coca-Cola Is Asking Consumers For Refreshing Creative Advertising Ideas

Singapore, 26th November 2014: On eYeka, the world’s leading creative crowdsourcing platform, Coca-Cola China is asking creative individuals to submit videos as well as print ads to inspire consumers a craving for Coke. The two contests offer €5,000 and €25,000 respectively, and will run until January 2015.

As a brand, Coca-Cola is the universal icon of happiness, optimism and positivity. The beverage brand stands for moments of shared happiness everyday, as well as for great taste that many consumers appreciate across the globe. To find novel and creative ways to communicate what Coca-Cola’s great taste means to consumers, the brand and its advertising agency have partnered with eYeka.

On eYeka, the world’s leading creative crowdsourcing platform, Coca-Cola China asks creative individuals to “create a strong and creative expression of what makes a Coke so desirable to YOU.” Participants are asked to submit videos and animations (up to 30 seconds long) as well as print ads and posters that will inspire consumers to crave Coke as it captures an enjoyable element of it and presents it in a creative and appealing manner that others will connect with.

Yet, the contest is not about just making advertisements: “Don’t make an ad for Coke – we’re interested in your creative point of view about the drink. If you had to explain to an alien that never tried it before what makes Coke so wonderful, what particular element of the Coke experience would you talk about and what artistic expression would you show him to get him to crave a sip,” the contest briefing explains.

By launching two contests on the global crowdsourcing platform, Coca-Cola China and its agency are looking to define what Coca-Cola’s great taste means for consumers. Getting creative input from the crowd will allow them to discover and build on fresh ways to bring that message to life in order to build a strong and emotional connection with its consumers in China.

The “Coca-Cola China Video” contest offers €25,000 in prizes and will run from November 24th 2014 to January 18th 2015. The shorter “Coca-Cola China Print” contest offers €5,000 and will run from December 1st 2014 to January 11th 2015 on The results are expected to be announced in February and March 2015, and participation to the contests is open to all, upon free registration on the eYeka platform.

“The objective of the contest is for people to express themselves around the idea that Coca-Cola tastes great. We are really looking forward to seeing eYeka members’ creative ideas and to be inspired by them. To me, the best entries will be those that will put the great taste of Coke at the heart of the drama around a shared moment of happiness.” Richard Cotton, Creative Excellence Director, Coca-Cola

“We are proud to welcome back Coca-Cola with another great brief on eYeka. We know our community is always looking for new creative challenges, even more when they come from one of the world’s most loved brands. Great ideas can come from anywhere and I am certain our community will surpass itself once again!” François Pétavy, CEO, eYeka

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