Digital Matter Adds Polte’s Massive IoT Location Technology to “Edge” Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking Portfolio

Polte’s patented Massive IoT location technology will provide telematics businesses and system integrators with secure, accurate, and global location intelligence for indoor/outdoor asset tracking.

DALLAS and ATLANTA – Feb. 1, 2022 – Digital Matter, a global leader in GPS and IoT hardware development, has announced the addition of Polte, innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, to its Location Engine, a new cloud-based location solver and data enrichment engine unique to its “Edge” battery-powered asset tracking portfolio. Digital Matter’s Yabby Edge and Oyster Edge devices are the first to offer support for Polte via the Location Engine, providing secure, accurate and global location intelligence for Massive IoT asset tracking use cases such as supply chain visibility, high-value pallet, and package tracking. To explore Edge devices features and inquire about pricing or availability, visit here.

The Edge range is Digital Matter’s latest LPWAN battery-powered asset tracking solution for smarter and more affordable indoor/outdoor asset tracking and management. Digital Matter recently launched its Location Engine to support Edge device management, making it easy for telematics businesses and system integrators to embed real-time, accurate, global location data into their solutions leveraging Digital Matter’s platform. This also allows for seamless, best-in-class partner integrations such as Polte’s.

Offered as a location provider option via Digital Matter’s Location Engine, Polte simply employs ubiquitous 4G/5G cellular infrastructure signals and cloud computing to enable real-time, universal visibility wherever an asset travels. This allows indoor and outdoor insights via a single cellular chipset, as opposed to requiring an amalgamation of location technologies such as GPS or Wi-Fi. For the use cases where Polte alone is not an ideal fit, due to the environment or location accuracy requirements, Polte can simply become a part of a hybrid solution complementing another location technology.

Featuring cloud-based location solving, Edge devices offload computational complexity from the device to the cloud. Digital Matter partners using the Yabby or Oyster Edge benefit from significantly reduced power consumption and ‘deploy once battery life’ in their asset tracking applications. Furthermore, leveraging Polte’s CoreRes (CR) capability, customers can achieve accuracy superior to Cell ID with often 2-3x accuracy improvement, as well as global continuity while roaming.

“As we grow our IoT asset tracking portfolio, it is critical for us to keep pace with innovations in the market and find new ways to offer those benefits to our customers,” said Ken Everett, CEO and Founder, Digital Matter. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Polte to enable new and greater volume global use cases, with optimal security, accuracy, and battery life.”

“Together, we are democratising higher value indoor and outdoor location insights for systems integrators and telematics businesses,” Polte CEO Ed Chao said. “We are answering the challenges of traditional, fragmented location technologies by providing the full picture from beginning to end of a pallet’s, package’s or other asset’s journey.”

Digital Matter plans to extend Polte’s Massive IoT location technology to other devices in coming months, including integrating Polte’s SuperRes (SR) capability for the greatest possible cellular location accuracy. To learn more about the benefits of Digital Matter’s Location Engine, click here.

About Polte

Polte, the innovator of Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, provides disruptive, low-cost indoor and outdoor IoT location solutions that empower enterprises with unprecedented, real-time visibility into all the things that matter. Leveraging global 4G and 5G cellular signals, Polte transforms what is possible with asset tracking by driving heightened accessibility and greater speed to ROI for supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and a wide range of other sectors. For more information, visit us at or stay up to date with everything Polte by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Digital Matter

Digital Matter is the leading global developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management applications. Engineered to outperform, we offer a versatile range of LPWAN asset tracking hardware with the largest portfolio of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices across a range of connectivity technologies. With over 20 years of telematics experience and over 500 channel partners across 120 countries, Digital Matter supplies and supports scalable, and secure devices for Telematics Businesses, IoT Solution Providers, Enterprises and Network Operators around the world. For more information, visit us at

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