Tekelec and Roke Partner to Deliver “Policy-on-the-Mobile” Solutions

SINGAPORE (LTE Asia Summit, Tekelec Booth #4) and HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom — September 19, 2012 —Tekelec and Roke Manor Research Ltd. today announced successful interoperability testing between Tekelec’s Mobile Policy Gateway (MPG) and Roke’s SmartSwitch subscriber engagement and connection management app. This provides the foundation to extend policy rules from the core network to handsets, tablets and other smart devices.

This allows service providers to:

  • Improve network performance with Smart Wi-Fi offload. Mobile subscribers are able to access an unlimited amount of applications, web content and multimedia content from their smart devices. This drives high bandwidth and bursty, unpredictable traffic patterns which can lead to network congestion. Policy-enabled device management allows operators to dynamically adjust network usage patterns via Wi-Fi offload to ensure network quality and resilience.
  • Improve the subscriber quality of experience (QoE). Chatty applications can degrade the quality of data sessions by using too much processing capacity and battery life. Device policies can manage signaling messages, improving device and network performance.
  • Deliver quality-based service tiers. Operators can improve profitability with new pricing plans and service bundles by controlling the selection of access networks and maintaining optimal QoE for users who have subscribed to higher levels of service.
  • Protect devices and subscriber data. Subscribers who download dozens or even hundreds of apps to their devices risk security vulnerabilities that could compromise device performance or subscriber data. Policy rules enforced directly on the device can limit third-party access to confidential data and thwart malware from propagating.

Tekelec’s Mobile Policy Gateway and Roke’s SmartSwitch

Tekelec’s Mobile Policy Gateway, which integrates with the company’s market-leading Policy Server (PCRF), combines a standards-compliant Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) with dynamic network- and subscriber-aware policy management. It turns smart devices into policy enforcement points, reducing the need for costly deep packet inspection (DPI) and policy enforcement (PCEF) functions in the network core.

Roke’s SmartSwitch subscriber engagement platform intelligently integrates smartphones and M2M devices into the network policy framework. It can be deployed via standard app stores or billing gateways, or as a pre-loaded application by the mobile operator.

SmartSwitch’s unique on-device policy concept extends the reach of the operator, improving data management and subscriber interaction.

Tekelec’s “Policy Everywhere” Vision

Mobile operators are looking for ways to broaden their reach, enabling new end-to-end solutions for consumers and enterprises – becoming what industry consultant Chetan Sharma deems “digital lifestyle solution providers.”

“The integration between Tekelec’s Mobile Policy Gateway and Roke’s SmartSwitch provides a key component of Tekelec’s Policy Everywhere vision,” said Doug Suriano, CTO at Tekelec. “By bringing policy to the mobile device, operators can enable smart Wi-Fi offload, control applications to reduce chattiness, and enhance device security.”

Tekelec has 58 policy customers, including 43 Tier 1 service providers, in 33 countries. In July, industry analyst firm Analysys Mason named Tekelec the leading independent policy market vendor by share for the third consecutive year.

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