Intercede offers trust management expertise to TechWorks’ automotive security initiative AESIN

Membership to AESIN will see Intercede provide expertise and guidance on security for the automotive market

London, England/Washington DC, 5 July 2017 – Today, digital identity and credentials expert Intercede announces its membership to AESIN, the Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network, and one of the communities that make up UK industry association TechWorks.

TechWorks is an industry association at the core of UK deep technology, with the ambition to develop the UK’s position as a global technology super-power. Within TechWorks, there are technical and business communities that empower innovation, collaboration, business growth and investment. AESIN is one of TechWorks’ connected communities; a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems (ES) into vehicles and infrastructure operated by the UK Trade Association – NMI.

Intercede joins both TechWorks and AESIN, which will involve the company offering the trust management expertise it has developed in the enterprise space to guide rules, facilitate collaboration and share knowledge on how security can be applied to the automotive market. More specifically, Intercede joins the automotive security steering group of AESIN and will lead the cybersecurity roadmap for the group. The company was invited to participate after founding the Cyber Security Consortium for Connected Vehicles (CCV).

Working with other members of AESIN, which include vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other security vendors, Intercede aims to help market players navigate the cyber security landscape of connected vehicles and infrastructure to ensure threats are understood and mitigated appropriately. Intercede will also assist the group in publishing materials for the wider automotive community to use as best practice and guidance for security.

Nick Cook, CIO, Intercede commented: “As vehicles and infrastructure become connected, the relationship between the different components becomes complex – who and what do you trust? So many different manufacturers and suppliers are involved in creating connected vehicles, therefore it’s important to ensure everyone involved is aware of the security risks that can arise. We are thrilled to be joining the AESIN community and we look forward to sharing our experiences of trust management practices with a thriving yet still vulnerable market.”

Paul Jarvie, AESIN Director at TechWorks added: “AESIN’s ethos is ‘better together’; innovation is born from collaboration, and we need experts like Intercede to help us accelerate the growth of UK technology markets. Intercede brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to AESIN, which acts as a net

work for everyone in the supply chain to discuss concerns, problems and ideas. We have no doubt that Intercede’s role in the community will help to establish best practice for everyone’s mutual gain and protection.”

AESIN’s annual automotive security conference will be taking place on 5th July at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

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