Intercede Strikes Strategic Collaboration with Solacia to Extend Availability of MyTAM Trusted Application Management Service

Lutterworth UK, 27 August 2015: Today, leading Trusted Application Management (TAM) service provider Intercede and Korean security platform provider Solacia, announce a strategic collaboration in a bid to improve the industry’s approach to securing the Internet of Things (IoT). Intercede’s MyTAM Trusted Application Manager (TAM) will become fully interoperable with SecuriTEE, Solacia’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The combination of both technologies will usher in the world’s first multi-TEE Trusted Application Management service for an increasingly mobile and internet-connected world.

Under this collaboration, Intercede will extend its existing MyTAM service to enable over-the-air provisioning of secure applications into silicon chips loaded with SecuriTEE. As a result, Solacia will expand its ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) partners who require fast, simple and secure deployment of TEE-enhanced services.  An early example of this collaboration is the use of MyTAM to provision secure applications into SecuriTEE-equipped mobile devices including set-top boxes and smart TVs. The collaboration will also provide streamlined access to SecuriTEE capabilities in devices for any third party service provider or application developer.

Solacia is a provider of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology that protects trusted applications with secure hardware in smart devices. The company’s Mobile Security Division provides the SecuriTEE mobile security platform based on ARM TrustZone Technology and has achieved a globally recognised certificate from GlobalPlatform for its innovative solutions. SecuriTEE is commercially available, with tools and support for easy integration with various mobile security solutions and mobile devices.

Intercede’s MyTAM architecture scales to serve the security management requirements of billions of smartphones and Internet-connected ‘Things’ – estimated to be in excess of 50bn devices by 2020. From an end-user or consumer perspective, the TAM experience is as simple as using any cloud-based service with simple and transparent user interfaces, scalability and fast response. Harnessing Intercede’s cyber security expertise and trusted reputation, the TAM service is protected by industrial strength security.

Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede commented: “By including full support for SecuriTEE within Intercede’s market-leading MyTAM service, we can now offer service providers unprecedented flexibility of selecting from a menu of commercially available TEEs. This collaboration supports the drive to open standards, avoids lock-in, limit technology obsolescence and enable a diversity of trust models. It also caters to hybrid devices across a population of users. We are proud to be associated with Solacia and are delighted to have joined its ecosystem which includes Samsung, Symantec and Telechips.

Sang Jin Park, CEO of Solacia added: “Intercede provides a rapid and agile path for Solacia partners to unlock the power of SecuriTEE. Our partnership will enable us to build a secure ecosystem based on TEE technology, pushing the boundaries of what is currently available in an increasingly complex digital world. As we witness the race to digitalisation, TEE technology will become the lynchpin in securing an increasing number of connected devices, ensuring that users can trust and benefit from innovation in the most secure environment possible.”

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