KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud launched to back up data in the cloud

KeepItSafe, the online backup and recovery service for businesses of j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM), today announced the launch of KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud, to back up files stored in the cloud. With Cloud2Cloud, users can back up data held in cloud-based SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps, as well as platforms like Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.

From individual files, to entire databases, KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud now provides customers with the same level of data recovery and backup for data stored in the cloud as it does for on premise data.

A study by IDG in 2014 indicated that 69% of enterprises have applications and/or systems running in the cloud, a figure that has increased significantly from 12% in 2012.

Eoin Blacklock, Managing Director, KeepItSafe, commented, “More and more mission-critical data is being stored online, but many businesses are unaware that the responsibility for backing up this data rests entirely with them; not the service providers. Yes, well known cloud service providers do back up customer data, but research evidence suggests that’s only because it’s of benefit to them, rather than a requirement of the agreement they have with their clients. Often, backup and disaster recovery from the service providers themselves is charged out at an excessively high rate, and the data isn’t very easily accessible.”

Blacklock adds, “Problems around user error don’t necessarily go away when an organisation moves its infrastructure into the cloud. Nor does it eliminate the chances of data getting hacked by an outsider, or deleted by a disgruntled employee. Cloud-to-cloud backup has become a business imperative, and KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud addresses the growing demand we have experienced for this kind of solution from our customers.”

Businesses can select the frequency and granularity of their backups, with the ability to opt for different parameters for each data source, based on specific business continuity and compliance needs. With minimal configuration required, they can also deploy en-masse backup rules to hundreds of Office 365 and Google Apps users, ensuring consistent protection across departments within an organisation.


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