RTX Launches SMS Exchange Capabilities and Enhances Partner Program

London – January 30th, 2014 – RTX, the carrier exchange platform, today announced the launch of SMS Exchange to expand its growing portfolio. The launch coincides with enhancements to the RTX Partner Program, which supports in-house wholesale activities for and between Telcos. RTX enables carriers to enter into mutually beneficial capacity exchange agreements in a robust and financially secure environment backed by major international banking institutions.

The addition of the SMS Exchange is a significant step forward for RTX as well as a fresh strategic opportunity for operators to identify profitable routes and destinations for SMS traffic. This will help operators to drive revenues and capitalise on the growing demand for application-to-person (A2P) messaging, in a risk-free environment.

The RTX Partner Program – formerly known as Private Label – provides tier one carriers with a secure online platform to conduct in-house activities. It removes the financial risks associated with monies transacted for core communication services. All parties involved in exchange activities undertake rigorous financial checks prior to entering into any agreements. The program offers a fully customisable platform with a pre-paid facility that ensures quality assurance and financial security for voice exchange. Carriers can access thousands of operators globally using a single VoIP interconnect, enabling them to enter new markets and formulate relationships that would previously have been regarded as high maintenance or high risk.

The twin announcement comes on top of the company’s already successful broader exchange community which has over 5,000 members worldwide. The RTX service offers secure pre and post-paid settlement of voice and data services, and offers global coverage through a network spanning North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It is already giving operators unprecedented agility through voice and data agreements to augment revenues and enter new markets.

The RTX Exchange is attracting new operator customers at a rapid pace. It has experienced a doubling in transaction growth between Q3 and Q4 2013, with an almost four-fold increase in sales year on year.

“The improved capabilities we are now able to offer with SMS Exchange and the RTX Partner Program means that operators can come to us for a range of different services. They can now extend their reach into new territories safe in the knowledge that quality assurance and financial security are guaranteed,” says Neil Kitcher, Managing Director, RTX. “Tier one operators can explore new markets with the confidence that financial risk is minimised – our relationship with major international banks is unique in this highly specialised sector of the industry – and niche players and specialist providers such as MVNOs can make deals with carriers they might previously not have had access to.”

“Our Partner Program further empowers the members of what is becoming a fast growing community where mutual interests are served and risks are mitigated as a result of our solid partnership with key financial institutions. This maximises revenue opportunities across the board,” says Albert Mackey, CEO, RTX. “Many tier one carriers lack the infrastructure to enter into transactions with smaller clients that might be considered high risk or high maintenance. RTX services alleviate the workload and give carriers immediate and secure access to global, lucrative, and previously difficult to access revenue streams.”

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