Stibbe Makes Decisiv Move to Recommind

LONDON, 29 August, 2013 – Recommind, the leader in unstructured data management, analysis and governance technology, announced today that leading Benelux law firm Stibbe has deployed Decisiv Search across its Dutch jurisdictions, including its London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai branches.

Content stored across disparate repositories can be hard to find and lawyers often spend a significant chunk of their time searching for relevant information. Based on Recommind’s CORE (Context Optimised Relevancy Engine) platform, and unique concept-based search technology, Decisiv Search indexes data from Stibbe’s disparate IT systems, without the need to move the data from its existing location. This enables lightning-quick access to the right information, through Stibbe’s intuitive, custom-designed user interface. In doing this Stibbe will improve efficiency by using technologies that provide the most relevant knowledge for any given source.

“The firm’s biggest challenge is not information management, but the management of innovation”, said Marnix Weusten, Head of Knowledge Management at Stibbe. “The key is a combination of a reliable and innovative technology – which aggregates the firm’s many data repositories and enables effective and simplistic search. Decisiv Search is an effective way to enhance this process”.

Decisiv Search ensures that all practices within the firm have access to all the legal knowledge they need in a timely manner. This is a vital tool for Stibbe where each individual department, including business development, marketing and IT, works very closely together with the lawyers to deliver a high-quality service to its clients – where easy access to the right information is vital.

“Increasingly, law firms are challenged with processing significant volumes, variety and velocity of data – a common issue facing all organisations known as Big Data,” says Simon Price, Managing Director at Recommind. “By using Decisiv Search, Stibbe has effectively brought together the three V’s of Big Data to make it easier for its staff to find and consume information from across the firm, via its new and intuitive search solution.”

Stibbe decided upon Recommind’s Decisiv Search as the most appropriate platform for the task of searching and drilling down into the firm’s many data repositories.  Also important to the company are the standard connectors Decisiv Search offers for Aderant Expert CMS Search for accounts and FileSite Search for document management. Given the scalability of Recommind’s technology, Stibbe will have full control over its expansion of the search facility when required.

“Its licensing model was easy to understand, inherently scalable and it was also the most cost-efficient platform,” commented Weusten. “I was convinced that we should have Decisiv Search because it indexes multiple repositories through a single user interface that helps our lawyers find the information that they need, quickly and easily”. 

Having designed its own user interface for the platform, the firm encourages their new starters and junior lawyers to start searching for information themselves. Fully encouraging the use of Recommind’s Decisiv Search, Weusten explains that “every month, mandatory training is held for newcomers to the firm, giving them a complete overview of the information accessible to them. It encourages an efficient culture and generates high-quality results for clients.

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