Tektronix Communications collaborates with TM Forum’s members to publish Big Data Analytics Guidebook

San Jose, 30 October 2013, Tektronix Communications, the world’s first full-service Telecoms Intelligence Provider (TIP), today announced the publication and launch of TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics Guidebook.

The publication of the Guidebook follows the May 2013 announcement of Tektronix Communications’ collaboration with the TM Forum and its members to deliver a robust big data analytics reference model with a comprehensive set of uses cases and best practice models for the telecoms sector.

Having received excellent industry response to the reference model which provides the compelling reasons and rationale for Operators to build a big data strategy, Tektronix and the TM Forum worked together with the support of project sponsor’s Orange and China Mobile to deliver the new Guidebook, a practical “how-to” manual and set of standards for the real-life implementation of big data analytics.

Building on the reference model, the Guidebook introduces new Big Data Analytics concepts such as a Business Value Roadmap and Building Blocks to enable Operators to understand how to optimize their network and business operations around the opportunities presented by Big Data.

It also expands the reference model to include data flow, security and privacy compliance, and further develops the uses cases for big data analytics, demonstrating how to use the various technologies available to help Operators unlock the true value in the various use cases.

Manuel Stopnicki, Chief Technology Officer, Tektronix Communications said: “Operators preside over a goldmine of data, but until now, few have known how to fully extract its value. We are delighted and proud to have launched the Big Data analytics Guidebook with the TM Forum, to transform what has until now been a “buzz” word, into real and powerful opportunities for monetization, optimization and improved customer experience.

“In line with our own four dimensional, end to end approach, the Big Data Analytics Guidebook and previous reference model cover all aspects of an Operators business to enable a completely holistic perspective of the opportunities available from a correctly executed big data strategy.”

Steve Cotton, director of business assurance programs, TM Forum, commented: “We are delighted by our members’ work which ultimately helps our industry better understand the functionality, value and methods available for the implementation of big data.

“TM Forum’s Big Data Guidebook sets out a comprehensive and practical toolkit for any of our members who are serious about building a robust and effective big data proposition into their operations.”

Lifen Zhao, Project Manager, China Mobile Research Institute added: “China Mobile and other carriers are already witnessing the benefit of TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics reference model. The addition of the Guidebook, completes the circle and provides a real-life framework for developing and executing a big data strategy. With agreed standards, use case examples and a toolkit now in place, our industry has an opportunity to take a leap forward in harnessing the value of big data.”

Copies of the TM Forum Big Data Analytics Guidebook, available to TM Forum members, can be downloaded here:  https://www.tmforum.org/MemberEvaluation/871/home.html#TRCDocuments/artf4643.

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