The Big Data Bandwagon

How many angels can you fit on a pinhead? Count the number of Big Data players on that bandwagon and Bob’s your uncle. Yes indeed, there are now allegedly 1,700 global big data players.

1,700. Really.

Our bet is a fair amount of gatecrashers spoiling it for the genuine guests at the party.

Fatigue. Scepticism. Even rejection. Big Business is bored with Big Data. And the media’s sick to the back teeth of the hype. Worryingly, the market may be turning.

That’s what we’ve found from our latest investigation into the market. Ably assisted by Vanson Bourne and Apollo Research, we’ve polled business attitudes to Big Data, plus conducted an Influencer Audit among our friends in the media.

Our research amongst major UK enterprises has found that many businesses are sceptical of the claims made by big data vendors. And nearly a quarter are so turned off that no amount of insight would make them receptive. Meanwhile nearly two thirds of journalists will no longer cover generic stories.

So, it’s official. The hype cycle has peaked. Few technology market sectors have been so dramatically hyped as big data. But the party’s over.

It’s time for big data to grow up and enter the real world. How can you overcome audience fatigue? What stories will get their attention?

Thought leadership is absolutely key. Despite the apparent audience fatigue, for those companies that drop the Big Data hype and identify, demonstrate and discuss what really matters to their customers, the opportunities are numerous.

See here for full details of the research, plus our top tips on how you can win the battle for mindshare. Areas covered include market potential for 2014; key topics of interest for the media; and top brand values cited by journalists when covering stories here; and results of our enterprise poll segmented by market sector.

If you’re looking to get ahead here, we’d love to work with you to get you noticed. Do get in touch if we can help.

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