The next phase for Babel by Narelle Morrison

The next phase for Babel – becoming an employee-owned company

This week marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Babel PR, as we officially announce that an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT) has acquired majority shares on behalf of our amazing team.

Ian Hood, Co-founder and new Executive Chair at Babel PR, and Narelle Morrison COO and co-founder of Babel PR

Founded 18 years ago by Ian Hood and myself, Babel has always been about partnership: between its co-founders, between Babel and its clients and of course, within its incredible team. With partnership and collaboration ultimately forming the bedrock of our agency, we know that empowering our team in this way will secure Babel’s continued success – allowing it to evolve in the best way possible, under the brilliant guidance of our new CEO and former MD, Jenny Mowat.

For us, this is a natural progression. Marking one of several new initiatives we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks, placing our employees in the driving seat advances our vision to build a sustainable, ethical agency ready for the future; one where people, purpose and planet come before profit.

While the move to an EOT will pave the way for Ian to take a step back when the time is right, Jenny and I will work together to coordinate this transition. Alongside our longest-serving employee Paul Campbell – who is now a Senior Director and employee representative of the Trust – and our newly empowered team, we’ll ensure a seamless experience for our clients, demonstrating our continued commitment to providing outstanding service and results.

From L-R. Paul Campbell, Jenny Mowat, Narelle Morrison, Ian Hood

Our team has always been central to our business. They’re the beating heart of Babel and the reason for our continued success. We’re delighted to reward their hard work and dedication with the ultimate thanks: giving them the reins to a business they’ve so carefully crafted alongside us. As we build towards a significant growth phase in our agency’s evolution, we will embrace further measures to safeguard our independent spirit, creativity and uniqueness – continuing to deliver on every front, from the people behind the progress.

The entire Babel team taken in March 2024

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