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Trade show scoops: Expect the unexpected

Mobile operators are renowned for being slow moving, but they’re large organisations and by virtue of being a large organisation they tread carefully and don’t take earth shattering decisions lightly. So, don’t expect the carriers to be leading the news agenda at MWC this year. They tend to stay out of the limelight these days and let someone else grab the headlines. The question is who, or what, will steal the show at MWC 2018?

The floor will be awash with companies discussing the business of the day, mainly 5G and NFV related matters, as well as cloud and the shift to open source. All highly essential, but probably not enough to get the attention of the international press or become the talking point of the show.

So what can we expect? It can be difficult to predict. Put it this way, four years ago there were no rumours before the show to suggest that Facebook was set to dominate proceedings by acquiring WhatsApp. It’s hard to compete with a $19 billion takeover, its best just to get on with the show and firm up contract talks with customers.

New devices will be unveiled at MWC. Remember last year, when we were treated to a retro device from Nokia, in the form of a shiny new/old 3310? Looking ahead to next month, what were once rumours have now been confirmed: Samsung is planning to launch the next iteration of the Galaxy. But, Samsung is not alone, there will be a raft of new devices from the likes of Sony, LG and Motorola. And who knows, maybe we’ll be treated to another retro phone. Nokia could help us to relive our Matrix fantasies with an updated version of the 8110. It would be a welcome return for the distinctive ‘slider’ phone.

MWC has also become a platform for a number of vertical industries. You’re just as likely to see a connected car on the show floor these days as you would a base station antenna, or if you’re lucky, maybe even a network server! So, be mindful that an automotive brand could be planning a major announcement or that someone else could come out of leftfield with a big IoT play.

Don’t be disappointed if your press release is swamped at the show by M&A, new devices and maybe, just maybe, a game-changing announcement from an international carrier.

At Babel we always advise our clients to get news out ahead of the show to avoid the deluge of announcements from big brands. Vendors that are prepared get the most out of MWC. Let the PR agency do all the hard work for you over the next few weeks, so that by the time you’ve set foot on terra firma in Barcelona you can focus on business rather than promotion. Your competitors will look on enviously at your busy stand, upset that the press already covered your news, while theirs has disappeared in the MWC vortex of misplaced press releases.

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