University Institute of Technology Nancy-Brabois selects SAS – Anite’s network simulator

Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, has today announced that the University Institute of Technology Nancy-Brabois – Université de Lorraine, France, has selected SAS, Anite’s network simulator, to enhance studies for students enrolled in the university’s undergraduate programme as well as in its Bachelor’s degree in Networks and Telecommunications.

SAS allows the leading French technological institute and its students to study mobile phone protocols across a wide range of wireless technologies. With SAS, students gain beneficial experience in the use of industry standard test equipment preferred by leading mobile operators and device manufacturers.

 Testing devices in the laboratory is a cost-effective, controllable, repeatable and automated methodology. Anite’s easy-to-use network simulator solution offers a unique scripting environment and capabilities, which users prefer because of its simple, intuitive graphical interface and cutting-edge functionalities. Other leading universities in Europe, North America and the Middle East also use Anite’s test solutions, including the Propsim channel emulator.

Michael David, Head of the Networks and Telecommunications department, University Institute of Technology Nancy-Brabois said: “Anite’s SAS was the only network simulator we deemed suitable for protocol signalling research in an educational environment. The acquisition was financed by the IUT Nancy-Brabois, Université de Lorraine, council of Région de Lorraine as well as the European Union (FEDER)”.

Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite’s Device & Infrastructure Testing business commented: “The University Institute of Technology Nancy-Brabois’ selection of Anite highlights how SAS supports a wide range of device testing needs; including those required by leading universities as part of their research activities.”

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