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Babel may be headquartered in central London, but we are an agency with an international reach, and have invested heavily in one particular territory, possibly the most important in terms of technology and innovation: the US.

We have an established presence in the US market. This includes feet on the ground at this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. Hacking, data breaches and threats to cyber security are reported almost daily in the press, so it’s little surprise that the event has attracted around 50,000 attendees this year. There are a number of Babel clients listed among the delegates and exhibitors at the show, some of which are US-based businesses that we’ve been working with for a number of years.

Babel’s US team is currently coordinating a schedule of one-to-one briefings with key media, which we secured for our clients ahead of the show. With so much attention on cyber security at the moment, RSA provides an ideal opportunity for clients to meet with a cross-section of influencers from the business press to key trade and technology journalists.

RSA is just one date in a comprehensive programme of conferences and trade shows that provide our clients with the platform to drive awareness, meet with influencers and make a splash with a big scoop or speaking opportunity. Event support aside, we offer our clients in the US a full range of PR activity and we are constantly working with them to raise their profile in a busy and crowded marketplace. The same applies to companies from outside of the US that are looking to break into the world’s foremost technology market.

Closer to home we have London’s Silicon Roundabout and the burgeoning tech scene of the South East’s Golden Triangle. However, the US remains a crucial market for Babel, with reach and visibility among media and potential customers a key requirement for many of our clients. Babel has been in the US in some way, shape or form for over ten years.

Covering all time zones from the East to the West coast, Babel has built up an extensive book of contacts, established solid relationships with media, and our team continues to grow in size and influence.

Importantly, Babel also understands that, as playwright George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying, “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.” Despite many similarities with our friends across the pond, there remain differences in how we communicate – and how we interpret this communication.

In PR this goes beyond simply how we utilise/utilize language. There are subtle variations (and sometimes major differences) between PR in the US and PR in the UK, including how (and how much) the media prefer to be contacted; the style, tone and type of content which has the most impact; the process of relationship-building; and the use of social media. Of course, this isn’t to mention the differences in business culture and working practices of organisations in the UK and US.

Babel’s global team acknowledges and leverages these variations to deliver the best results for clients and press, wherever they are in the world. But the UK and US teams remain united by a shared, common approach: pro-active outreach.

It’s good old-fashioned hard work, dedication and ongoing media engagement that have helped make this week’s RSA a success for our clients. And it’s a strategy we’ll continue to use to drive results for upcoming events like MWC Americas and DAS Congress in America, and IBC in Europe.

Babel is planning further announcements from US this year, so keep an eye out for an update in the coming months.

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