Veribo launches to cost effectively exercise the ‘right to be forgotten’ online

Veribo protects reputations of businesses and individuals online

03 April 2012, London, UK: Veribo, a new service to help individuals and businesses cost effectively and efficiently protect and manage their reputations online, has been launched by Ehud Furman, former European MD of

Online privacy is a growing concern and one that has caught the attention of the European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, who is trying to readdress the balance of power between companies, individuals and search engines, and exercise the ‘right to be forgotten’.

“The influence search results wield towards the perception of an individual or company has a significant impact. It can be the difference between hiring a person or signing a contract. But why should aspects of our history or past remain in the present? And why should we have to jump through hoops in order to remove misleading or false information with no guarantee that it will be removed?” commented Ehud Furman, founder and CEO, Veribo.

“It’s great that there has been a lot of discussion around online privacy, but we have seen very little action. Viviane Reding should be applauded for bringing to light the need for greater control over our data on the internet, and the right to be forgotten is the first step towards enforcing such control. But more needs to be done. The launch of Veribo brings a cost effective and guaranteed solution to European businesses and individuals for whom the only solutions available have been expensive SEO campaigns or legal action, until now.”

Veribo offers two solutions: protecting online reputations with the removal of negative or misleading information from search results and promoting and raising the visibility of an individual or company in search results. The company’s proprietary technology builds digital assets and populates them with relevant and up to date content that the client would like to promote on search engines, in association with important keywords specific to each client, thus enabling a high level of control over critical information that is presented on search results when common search terms are used, such as the brand or business name, personal information etc.

Unlike any other service available today, Veribo’s packages deliverables are guaranteed and can support any European language plus Russian and Arabic.

Veribo’s solutions bring together the company’s proprietary technology platform with the expertise of its search analysts and dedicated content creation to protect an image online and increase control.


Veribo Protector removes those unwanted search results to protect online reputations and is also available in three separate packages; Positive Impact, Significant Impact and Maximum Impact.


Available in three packages; basic, standard and premium, Veribo Promoter gives companies and individuals better control over the top search results and increases their visibility in searches.


About Veribo:

Veribo is an online reputation management company dedicated to putting the control of search results back in the hands of companies and individuals. Its packaged based approach makes it easy, cost effective and efficient for companies and individuals to promote and protect their online reputations. Available globally, Veribo supports all European languages, plus Russian and Arabic. For more information, please visit

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