Vislink launches enhanced Gigawave MVL-HD3 at IBC 2014

Hemel Hempstead, UK, 12 September 2014 – Vislink, the global provider of broadcast communications equipment, today announced the launch of its new Gigawave MVL-HD3 Triax-based digital receive unit at IBC 2014 (Hall 1.A69). The latest addition to Vislink’s Gigawave brand couples two-way diversity reception with the improved efficiency and bandwidth benefits of Triax cabling, meeting ever-growing demand from the broadcast industry for optimum wireless camera performance.

Designed as a modular addition to the existing Gigawave MVL-HD3 unit, the new “Data over Triax” (DOT) mode uses a pair of RHD9 dual receiver head units which each support a built-in UHF telemetry data transmitter. Control data is sent from the camera to each head unit through existing Triax infrastructure, resulting in far greater efficiency as a single cable can now be used for power, video, and telemetry data at both receive sites. This is particularly beneficial when working over long distances or where obstructive RF paths stand in the way of transmission.

“Broadcasters have been waiting for a faster, simpler way to setup multiple wireless video feeds from a single camera unit. With the MVL-HD3 this can be achieved with just one deployed cable per receive zone,” said Ashley Dove, General Manager, at Vislink. “The ability to locate UHF data transmission at two physically separate locations has proven invaluable, and the Gigawave system is intelligent enough to automatically select which RF head to output telemetry control from based on the proximity of the camera transmitter.”

The MVL-HD3 system is designed to support Vislink’s 1080P 50/60 capable INCAM-S, INCAM-G or ClipOn 4 transmitters to deliver HD picture quality complete with robust telemetry control, halving the length of expensive Triax cabling required.

Vislink has already received positive interest from the broadcast industry, with several leading providers investing in the MVL-HD3 DOT equipment. MVL-HD3 demo units will be available on Vislink’s stand at IBC.

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