vSCOUT, vSTREAM and Virtual nGeniusONE Extend NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance Solution to the Transforming Data Center, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

WESTFORD, Mass., June 6, 2017 – NETSCOUT a leading provider of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions, today announced the industry’s first products designed to extend service assurance that will include broad application assurance, encompassing off-the-shelf or custom applications, running in physical or virtual data centers, or in the cloud.

“There has been a lack of solutions that provide the same visibility that exist in conventional data centers for cloud services,” said Anil Singhal, president and chief executive officer, NETSCOUT. “The solution we are introducing today provides unmatched visibility into the hybrid cloud environment and ensures that our customers can migrate applications to the cloud with confidence.”

Based on NETSCOUT’s patented and extended version of Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, the new products – vSCOUT, vSTREAM and virtual nGeniusONE — are designed to provide deeper visibility into the interactions of the many components of modern applications whether they run in the traditional data center, or in the various forms of the cloud.

NETSCOUT’s technology converts high-volume network traffic into highly structured, multi-dimensional metadata in real time at the collection point, which is ideal for Cloud based deployments. By transforming this high-value wire data into “smart data,” NETSCOUT’s solutions ensure security, manage risk, facilitate superior decision-making and drive service performance, through automation and pervasive deployment. Often an important application will have components running in multiple domains, increasing complexity and risk. This newest generation of ASI-based software products leverage NETSCOUT’s unique “smart data” approach to offer a highly scalable and affordable option for managing the complexities of applications born-in-the-cloud or deployed in hybrid environments.

“NETSCOUT has introduced a unique approach to providing visibility and security into hybrid environments,” said Dan Conde, analyst, ESG. “While there are many tools available to manage pieces of the IT services being delivered, NETSCOUT has developed a solution that provides a holistic perspective that encompasses the applications and the myriad of IT dependencies that must come together to successfully deliver those applications to the end user.”

Available this month, these products can be readily deployed in both public and private cloud environments as well as in physical or virtualized servers in conventional infrastructures.

NETSCOUT’s expanded Service Assurance solution is aimed at solving two big problems arising from the transformation of data centers: simplifying and assuring the success of cloud migration projects and the safe and successful operation of services running in the resulting dis-aggregated, hybrid cloud environments. In the first case, NETSCOUT’s solution affords a thorough understanding of the application’s footprint prior to migration, which supports the assessment of resource requirements and operating expenses in the cloud, the careful preservation of key dependencies, and a consistent user experience throughout the migration. In the second, NETSCOUT extends the protections of smart data-based service assurance from the premises to the hybrid environment, regardless of the complexity of the multiple domains involved.

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