Will Ralph Echemendia be hacking YOU at Web Summit?

~ “The Ethical Hacker” joins panel with Saul Williams, Sol Guy and Rosario Dawson to discuss the problem of [in]security and the impact of technology on the entertainment industry ~

~ Echemendia will hack a random audience member in a bid to highlight the security industry’s neglect towards protecting consumers ~

London, UK – 26th October 2017 – Ralph Echemendia, aka “The Ethical Hacker” today announces the panellists for his presentation at this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal from the 7 -9 November 2017. Entitled ‘Hack [in] the summit’, security expert Echemendia will be joined by actress and founder of Studio189 Rosario Dawson, musician and poet Saul Williams and music and film producer Sol Guy. Together, they will discuss the impact entertainment has on technology, with Echemendia hacking a random audience member to highlight how vulnerable consumers are today to hacking.

Web Summit is the world’s largest technology conference, with Echemendia’s presentation and panel session taking place under the FullSTK strand. Echemendia will take to the stage after almost a decade working in Los Angeles as a technical supervisor on films such as “Savages” and “Snowden” as well award-winning TV Show Mr. Robot. In addition to working closely with artists, producers and directors, including the award-winning Oliver Stone, Echemendia has provided security training to some of the world’s largest organisations, such as NASA, Google and Microsoft.

It was during his time in Hollywood that Echemendia came into contact with a number of high-profile celebrities concerned about their personal cybersecurity. Those interactions will now culminate in an exclusive announcement at Web Summit – a project that Echemendia has been working on to help empower and educate the consumer, whoever they are and whatever the profession or walk of life, about the security issues they may face today.

Most security companies today think company first – how can I protect my business from attack? They’re not thinking about the individual, all the while perpetuating an overwhelming fear of cybercrime as an insurmountable, unknowable battle that’s too hard to win,” commented Ralph Echemendia. “It’s human nature to fear what we don’t know. But if you take that fear away, then a problem can be solved.”

At Web Summit next month, I’ll be launching a project for consumers that removes fear – a means for them to open their eyes to security,” continued Echemendia. “No one is looking out for the Average Joe, but what I’m proposing will be something for the people, not companies, and a way to make security more fun, more relevant and more effective for all.”

The ‘Hack [in] the summit’ panel takes place on Thursday 9th November at 13.45pm local time.


About Ralph Echemendia

Ralph Echemendia is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” He uses his talents and expertise to educate various institutions as well as protect companies and celebrity names. Ralph has played a pivotal role in the research and development of various key security technologies. His portfolio of work and reputation as a leading professional across several industries has landed him the credibility to make appearances on CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and Forbes, to name a few.


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