Altobridge Launches Hierarchical Network Caching™

Small Cells World Summit, London, June 6th 2013: Altobridge (, specialists in technology that cuts the cost of communicating across wireless networks, has today announced the launch of a multi-layered caching capability at both the radio base station and on users’ mobile devices, i.e., mobile phones, smartphones and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

Altobridge hierarchical caching is based on Intel’s scalable range of communications oriented processors, ranging from low-power, single and multi-core Intel® Atom™ processors on the smart cell, to Intel® Xeon® processor platforms used on the Management Gateway, located at the operator’s core network.

For several years, mobile carriers have witnessed Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers profit greatly from their ability to offer content delivery over the wireless carriers’ radio access network (RAN).  These OTT players are not obliged to make direct or indirect contributions to the enormous costs entailed in the deployment, maintenance and continuous upgrade of the RAN. Furthermore, with the evolution of big data, mobile network operators are coming under even more pressure to maximise their RAN deployments and to introduce their own OTT-style services.

To achieve this, mobile network operators need a more intelligent RAN, one which enables the carrier itself to participate as an OTT content provider.  Altobridge has developed a platform which enables mobile network operators to build intelligence into their existing RAN, not only to become a Content Delivery/Distribution Network (CDN) provider, but also to deliver a superior service by dramatically improving QoE for mobile users.

Based on the Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ self-learning software, the cost of delivering big data and cloud based services is greatly reduced, thereby having a direct and positive impact on the mobile network operator’s bottom line transmission costs.

“Hierarchical Network Caching™ introduces new top line revenues for the mobile operator.  A dramatic improvement in Quality of Experience is a key differentiator for network operators, in that, it both attracts new subscribers and reduces churn.  In addition, it cuts the underlying transmission costs associated with the delivery of big data and cloud based services,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Altobridge.

“The Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ solution suite based on Intel® technology, merges key IT advancements and telecommunication applications,” said Eric Levander, director of Intel EMEA infrastructure sales.  “Operators can now extend the applications and services cloud, out to the base station, which enables mobile network operators to maximize the efficiency of their existing mobile data network infrastructure, improve user experience and increase top line revenue.”

Hierarchical Network Caching™ will be on show in the Intel booth at the Small Cells World Summit in London from June 4th– 6th.

About Altobridge

Founded in 2002, Altobridge develops wireless network solutions that reduce network operating costs in delivering mobile voice, mobile broadband and big data services.  Central to this lie a series of patented and patent-pending technologies namely; Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ (intelligent mobile broadband data optimization and delivery across wireless networks), Hierarchical Network Caching™, Meshed Cache, Self-Learning Content Prepositioning, Local Connectivity™ (local voice switching) and Split Architecture™ (transmission and power optimization), all of which drive down communications delivery costs for mobile network operators by reducing backhaul and power consumption costs.

Altobridge is headquartered in Ireland and has further bases in USA, China and Malaysia covering sales, R&D and customer support.

Altobridge solutions are deployed and operational in over 30 countries worldwide.

Altobridge is a privately held company. Shareholders include its employees, Intel Capital, IFC and Enterprise Ireland.

Intel, Atom and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Peter Tuomey, VP Marketing, Altobridge

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