Beamly unveils the power of Booster for advertisers

London, UK – 29 June 2015 – Beamly, the leading social discovery network for TV, today unveiled its ‘Beamly Booster’ technology as a sophisticated and cost-effective next generation content marketing and engagement platform. Beamly Booster was used to reach visitors from 27 different countries during the Eurovision Song Contest, generating over 9 million engagements on the Beamly website. Beamly Booster works across social networks, including Facebook, to drive native discovery of content, building highly engaged communities for brands around shows and events.

Beamly Booster can take any piece of content – whether that’s video, text or images – and systematically A/B test it to deliver campaigns that are far more effective than with competing platforms. By adopting this approach, Booster can attract extensive audiences and dramatically increase click-through rates when advertising on major social networks. Beamly can either boost content hosted on its own network on behalf of brand partners, or use its Beamly Booster platform to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

Beamly ran 93 one-click Votely sentiment polls and 65 bespoke articles to foster rich engagement around the Eurovision Song Contest, using its Booster platform to successfully reach new audiences both in the UK and internationally. Beamly also created a bespoke range of Eurovision emojis. The Votelys and emojis let fans react live with just one click, designed to provide an interactive experience that worked in any language. 88.5% of the one-click engagements around Eurovision were by international users, and Beamly saw particular success in Australia, Italy and Sweden.

By pushing its campaign out across social media, Beamly’s content was easily discoverable by a potential Eurovision audience, finding the right audiences at a very low cost. Beamly has also demonstrated its Booster success with TV shows, generating over 2.3 million engagements around the recent EastEnders anniversary special.

“Beamly Booster drives a massive increase in users and engagement levels. Hitting a staggering 9 million with our Eurovision campaign shows what can be achieved for advertisers looking to capitalise on specific events such as the Superbowl,” said Juliette Otterburn-Hall, Chief Content Officer at Beamly. “Brands can now reach audiences right inside the TV conversation to provide a deeply immersive experience – not just around the show itself, but 24/7.”

“Booster gives brands the power to target specific audiences internationally too, for example around the Rugby World Cup, and to create campaigns that translate across languages and nationalities. Other social networks have struggled to reach audiences in Europe, but with our very first attempt we successfully seeded an interactive experience across 27 countries. Booster also helps reach a Millennial audience, who then come back time and again to the immersive communities we create.”

Beamly recently announced its network has topped 10 million unique monthly active users, with Booster playing a key role in making this a reality. Beamly has used its Booster technology to make content held on its own social network more attention grabbing and engaging, generating a high percentage of comments and likes to make this content snowball and attract a larger user base.


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