A look back at October’s coverage highlights

The month of October, it’s fair to say, was a particularly noisy media month. Facebook rebranded itself as ‘Meta’ while facing its biggest crisis since Cambridge Analytica, as whistleblower Frances Haugen disclosed the Facebook Papers to Congress and US regulators.

Also last month, governments and celebrities alike came under fire with the Pandora Papers revelation. And countries across the globe prepared to talk about the climate crisis at COP26. Among the noise, the Babel team has been working with our clients to secure some fantastic pieces of coverage. I was spoiled for choice, with some great national and top tier hits. So, without much further ado, here are October’s top six pieces of coverage from the Babel team. Enjoy!

There’s no denying that Facebook dominated a lot of media attention last month, with rebrands, scandals and its Q4 earnings announcement. The Babel team was quick to leverage this news, securing a broadcast interview for our client Acquia. EMEA CMO Tom Bianchi spoke with CNBC’s Karen Tso about Facebook’s earnings and what’s in store for digital experiences in the future.

We also celebrated another great national hit – this time on radio. As the UK’s pandemic furlough scheme drew to a close, many organisations were faced with tough decisions. In discussion with LBC’s Martin Stanford, Sherisa Rajah Baird, vice president of employment law and compliance at client Elements Global Services, shared her insights on the matter. She shed light on the opportunities the end of furlough presents, not just for organisations but for the employees who are now in a position to better engage with their employers on flexible working policies.

As the world’s first NGO focused on providing emergency relief and communications technologies during humanitarian crises, client Télécoms Sans Frontiéres (TSF) is often at the forefront of both natural and manmade crises. Over a virtual coffee, TSF’s head of global funding sat down with Computer Weekly’s Joe O’Halloran to discuss its current missions and what the telecoms sector can do to support victims affected by these situations.

Recently, client Sonatype, a software security specialist and a leading player in open source governance and DevSecOps automation, discovered a vulnerability in Apache 2.4.49. Left undetected, the security flaw causes a series of serious security breaches to a business’s network infrastructure. In light of this, Ax Sharma, senior security researcher at Sonatype, spoke with ZDNet’s Charlie Osbourne about the tools needed to fix these vulnerabilities.

Now on to more consumer-focused tech. Sky announced the launch of Sky Glass last month, putting an end to satellite dishes. In light of the announcement, the Babel team secured commentary in Wired, in which CEO and GM of clients Vubiquity and Amdocs Media, Ramon Abrol, shared his insights on what this development means for the video streaming industry.

And finally, we finish this month’s coverage round-up with a fantastic Q&A in Forbes. In recent months, the FCC has proposed means of tackling robocalls to reduce the risk of telecoms fraud. As head of fraud prevention at communications enabler BICS, Katie Gonzales provided insight on the shortcomings of the existing rules and the need for more international coordination.

And there we have it—another great month of coverage. If you would like to hear more about any of the above or what we can deliver for you, please do get in touch.

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