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Despite August typically being a ‘quieter’ month in the PR world, this year it was awash with activity for the Babel team. From welcoming new clients to issuing expert commentary following breaking news in the cybersecurity world. We have come to that time of the month again, where I get the opportunity to find out just what the team has been up to and pick my top five favourite pieces of coverage. With that being said, and without much further ado, here they are. Enjoy! 

To begin with, August saw the Babel team hit the ground running with new client Leapwork, securing a fantastic piece of coverage with Tech Crunch. The secured article followed Leapwork’s latest announcement that the organisation had secured Denmark’s largest Series B funding round.

Following client Fenergo’s recent 2021 Half Year Fine’s report, the Babel team worked closely with Fenergo to identify key trends within the various AML fines issued globally since the beginning of the year. Armed with these findings, the Babel team secured several pieces of coverage. Among them was Financial News, which focused on the significant drop in fines since last year. 

This month, BBC News journalist Mary-Anne explored why phone scams are so difficult to tackle. As an expert in fraud prevention and security within the telecoms sector, client BICS was ideally placed to provide insight into these phone scammers’ issues. The Babel team secured a briefing opportunity for BICS where company spokesperson Katia Gonzalez spoke with Mary-Anne on these issues. 

In a male-dominated industry, the Babel team has worked with telecoms software and solutions provider, Ciena, to position the company’s female employees as thought leaders within the industry. Babel secured a podcast opportunity with RCR Wireless for senior director of portfolio marketing Helen Xenos to talk about the company’s pioneering technologies. 

Finally, in August we heard the news that educational publisher Pearson was fined $1 million for downplaying the 2018 data breach. As an expert within managed threat detection and response services, client Orange Cyberdefense was ideally placed to emphasise the importance of transparency in incident disclosure. Following commentary distributed to media, Babel secured several pieces of coverage with top-tier publications such as Computer Weekly

Another great month of coverage all-around. If you would like to hear more about any of the above or what we can deliver for you, please do get in touch


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