All action in April: coverage highlights

The theme of our March coverage really showed how we can maximise on calendar events like International Women’s Day and Budget announcements. April had fewer of those opportunities and so it’s a pleasure to showcase some of the other tactics we use to help clients leverage trends in their industries to make news happen. Here are my top four April highlights for you. Enjoy!

When Apple announced it would be giving users power over how they are tracked by advertisers in iOS 14.5, the Acquia team saw an opportunity for the client to get involved and speak to its core marketing audience about how this might impact them. Working closely with the client, a survey was undertaken to show how marketers really felt about Apple’s move. We then used this to issues jump on the update announcements. The great coverage hit a pinnacle, with a double whammy: an interview on BBC Tech Tent Podcast and a write up on the news site. Find out more about the data-led campaign by reading this blog by Babel consultant, Imogen.

A ‘SolarWinds style’ cyber attack on Codecov in April gave Orange Cyberdefense an opportunity to provide insight. Moving at a fast pace the team created a thoughtful comment from the client which featured in a number of titles including leading tech title, Computer Weekly.

When a client is short on news, we pride ourselves in being able to advise on great angles and possible stories. For client Circular Computing, this meant creating a compelling case for buying remanufactured laptops which would get media attention. A lot of research and number crunching later, and we’d created a strong, newsworthy narrative comparing the cost savings and environmental impact of buying remanufactured versus new laptops. Coverage appeared across tech and greentech titles including Computing and Business Green.

Relationship building with journalists is a crucial part of what we do for our clients. For BICS, it resulted in a great interview with Fierce Wireless that led to an excellent piece of coverage, giving time and attention to the crucial industry issues that BICS addresses.

Looking forward to the May highlights already! If you would like to hear more about any of the above, or what we can deliver for you, please do get in touch.

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