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All I want for Christmas…is tech!

‘Tis the season to make wish lists. But, depending on the industry in which you work, you may feel pretty over Christmas before it’s even begun. In the PR industry, Christmas hits in July, with journalists keen to get the scoop on seasonal product launches five months ahead of game. Things then ramp up as we head towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all the way through to Christmas itself.

That being said, I am a huge fan of the holiday season, and I thought a week into advent (yes, I have been opening a small cardboard door every morning) it would be interesting to see what my colleagues would be asking Santa for this year – tech related of course!

Jen: “Why the long face you ask? Well, I miss my horse a lot, so for Christmas, I would like PetChatz. Installed in my horse’s stable, I would be able to have a two-way conversation with my gee-gee from my smartphone. I could tell her I love her before I hit the hay every night, and – straight from the horse’s mouth – I would be able to hear what she has to neigh!”

Ben: “No longer will there be whining in my house about wine temperature (first world problems, am I right?) with this multi-temperature Liebherr Vinador wine cabinet. I can have my whites at a warmer than ‘fridge’ temperature, and my reds at a cooler than ‘oven’ temperature. Such fun to be had, albeit unhealthy fun, not only for my wallet, but my liver as well! I can’t afford the £4000 price tag, so Santa, if you’re listening, please drop this down my chimney this year.”

Holly: “Practical, safe and snazzy, I’d love to find this Lumos bike helmet under the Christmas tree this year, so I can be illuminated like a Christmas tree for the rest of next year. Integrated lights for brake and turn signals can be controlled wirelessly with a handlebar-mounted remote; an ingenious innovation or an annoying distraction? All I know is that London’s roads are a dark and dangerous place, and flashy lights are for helmets and bikes, not just for Christmas.”

Sarah: “When winter comes, you can rule out playing any tennis – icy courts make for Bambi-like players struggling to keep on their feet! So how do I keep fit when I hate the gym and my work schedule is unpredictable? Santa, perhaps you could leave a Gymbot under the Christmas tree for me this year? My very own robot personal trainer, waiting for me when I get home, would motivate me to keep fit and maybe even encourage me to eat more healthily. Think of all those 2018 resolutions I could accomplish with support! Now I know they’re not technically available in shops yet, but perhaps one of your elves could get cracking with making one just for me?”

Lloyd: Indulging in a sirloin is not a rare occurrence for me, but my culinary talents leave something to be desired. To avoid butchering any further prime cuts, I’m asking for a Cinder Smart Grill this year, in order to ‘meat’ all of my sautéing needs and avoid any further griddle pan ‘misteaks’!”

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of ‘All I want for Christmas…is tech’, next week!

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