Anite first to launch 802.11ac (Wi-Fi) channel emulation solution with continuous 160 MHz bandwidth support

Fleet, Hampshire, UK – 21 November, 2013 –Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology, today announced that it is first to launch an 802.11ac (Wi-Fi) capable standalone channel emulation solution withcontinuous160 MHz bandwidth support. This new capability will allow leading chipset manufacturers to accelerate development of new 802.11ac Phase two Wi-Fi products.

Bandwidth-intensive applications such as HD video and gaming require reliable connections to guarantee a superior end-user experience. Correct design and implementation of 802.11ac Phase two products will enable multiple Wi-Fi users to simultaneously access a wired-like network connection.

Leading Wi-Fi chipset, device and infrastructure manufacturers already use Anite’s Propsim 802.11ac Testing Tools to verify the performance of their 802.11ac Phase one products. These Wi-Fi products support bandwidths of up to 80 MHz, resulting in data rates of up to 1.3Gbps. Phase two of the 802.11ac standard supports both 160 MHzcontinuousand 80+80 MHz bandwidths and is expected to provide data rates of more than 3Gbps.

Anite’s Propsim is currently the only radio channel emulator that provides continuous160 MHz bandwidth support for 802.11ac testing. This unique capability enables wireless equipment manufacturers to verify higher data rates as well as implement advanced 802.11ac features such as multi-user MIMO and beam-forming.

“Anite is the first vendor to provide 802.11ac performance testing tools, enabling our customers to launch new, quality products ahead of schedule. This is further evidence of Anite’s technology leadership and the strength of our wide-ranging and future-proofed channel emulation solutions” says Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite.

Read more about Propsim 802.11ac/n Testing Tools, Anite’s channel emulation solution for performance verification of Wi-Fi products for today and tomorrow.

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